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St. Teresa’s
Clarendon Street,
Dublin 2.


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St. Teresa's Church - Our Mission

The Discalced Carmelites in Clarendon Street have been serving the people of Dublin for over two centuries. Today as in the past St. Teresa’s continues to be a quiet oasis of prayer, administered by a community of one brother and nine priests who live a life of prayer, contemplation and pastoral ministry. We belong to the worldwide family of the Carmelite Order and also belong to the Anglo-Irish & Nigerian Province.

The Catholic Church places great emphasis on prayer and sees prayer as being at the heart of the Church. Since God is a personal God who loves us and communicates with us, Carmelites commit their lives to a life of prayer, which underpins their entire active ministry.

From the very beginning until the present, the history and development of St. Teresa’s has shown the dependence of many people on the prayer and ministry of the community— bishops, founders, missionaries, religious congregations, civil leaders, millions of lay people, Catholics and those of other Churches. People from every walk of life have come to our Church for over two hundred years seeking God, encouragement, compassion and prayer. Many others make a private visit the Church and want to remain anonymous, some to thank God, others to share their burdens with Christ, perhaps to light a candle, visit their favourite shrine or just pray in silence.


We are most grateful for the support of so many people who visit the Church every day. Their faith in and felt need for prayer, Masses, Sacrament of Reconciliation, coupled with our availability to their needs and claims on us, have always issued in their support for our way of life. The deep faith of the people of Dublin, their love for prayer, their appreciation for our accompanying them with our prayers, compassion, friendship, liturgy, spiritual direction, occasional lecture and sharing has built up a close bond between our community and the people we serve.

People have grown accustomed to the availability of the priests for Confession throughout the week, and always express their gratitude for the quality of the liturgies, enriched by the beautiful Music, Choir and group of Cantors, which accompany our celebrations. Good Liturgy is a priority for the community and with the Church; we see it as the source and summit of each day.

Attached to the Church we have a variety of groups, including our Secular Order, St. Vincent De Paul, Legion of Mary, Lectio Divina, Montessori School, Youth Corps, Meditation Groups, etc. The community offers support by providing Spiritual assistance, accommodation and financial assistance when it is required.

We also have some community members providing chaplaincy services to hospitals and schools in the city.

We want to be a centre of peace, a sacred place in the heart of the city that calls people to prayer and to the experience of communion with God. It is our wish by being an oasis of peace, mutuality and collaborative living, to give witness of hope to a world that suffers from violence, war and struggle.








































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