Welcome to our new website for St. Teresa’s Church, Clarendon Street, Dublin. We have exciting plans for this site and we encourage you to check back regularly. Here is a brief introduction from Fr. Jim Noonan, OCD. who is a Discalced Carmelite and Prior at St Teresa’s Church.

We have so much happening this year, that we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of what we have planned.   Download our brochure for more info:

The Daughters of Teresa

19th June – 31st July

Over four hundred years of her canonization, St Teresa’s spiritual legacy lives on and it has been lived and expressed by her sons and daughters.

It is in this light that the Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality (CACS) announces a new spirituality series — THE DAUGHTERS OF ST TERESA —featuring four exceptional Carmelites – Mary Maravillas of Jesus, Mary of Jesus Crucified, Mary of the Angels and Mary of St Joseph – whose life manifest a particular legacy of St Teresa.

This series will explore their particular gift in the context of their time as well as a Teresian trait in their spiritual experience.

Transition Retreats

18th – 20th October

The theme running through all three retreats is that of transition and therefore they will address “liminal” movements across a threshold of profound change in the retreatants in a safe, prayerful holding space. They will not be “silent” in the traditional sense and will include talks, group facilitated sessions and possible 1:1 meetings with the retreat director for those who attend in person.

“Christ has no body now on earth but yours,
no hands but yours, no feet but yours,
Yours are the eyes through which is to look out Christ’s compassion to the world;
Yours are the feet with which he is to go about doing good;
Yours are the hands with which he is to bless men now.”