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We have so much happening this year, that we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of what we have planned. Please check back regularly for further news and updates.

Please also take a look at our Mass Times Page with news of our daily online Mass and special monthly Healing Mass (First Tuesday of every month) and Holy Spirit Mass (first Monday of every month). You’re very welcome to join us online for these Masses.

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Our Events

Contemplative Vision: Praying with Art/Photography

27th November 2021

This presentation will invite us to prayerful attentiveness to God’s presence in the ‘holy’ as well as in the ordinariness of our everyday lives – amidst the pots and pans as St Teresa puts it. How engaging with art and images can be a graced encounter with, and a sacramental experience of, the sacred will be explored.

Advent with Alex – Invisible made Visible

4th – 18th December

During a series of three, weekly (one-hour) online workshops, artist Alex Roberts will join Fr. Tony Parsons to share how making, viewing and experiencing works of art can offer pause for personal reflection. Alongside delivering practical tips on how to allow your subjects of interests to inspire you to get drawing, painting, building and doodling, it will also foster a reflective dialogue through the art of creation.

Living Prayer Lecture SeriesLetting Go and Letting God

4th December 2021

During this weekend you will learn how Carmelite saints have answered the questions central to human resistance to grace, that enslavement to lesser loves, and how these loves can be left behind; you will appreciate the role of prayer in severing the bonds of enslavement; you will learn how with the help of the Holy Spirit who inflames the willing soul with love for God, we can experience the greater love that empowers us to leave lesser loves behind.

The Three Ways of the Spiritual Life and Prayer – The Fiery Nights

11th December 2021

This presentation we will be looking at St John of the Cross’ approach to the traditional concept of the three ways of the spiritual life – the purgative; the illuminative & the unitive, taking as a guiding image John’s use of the log in the fire. This will lead into an exploration of what John means by the dark night of the senses and of the spirit, looking at all the connotations for John of the term “dark”.

Thomas Merton and the Fruits of Contemplation

20th December 2021

Part of Thomas Merton’s influence as a spritual writer stems from his conviction that contemplation is for all human beings and not just those in monastic orders. For him, to achieving the deepest level of contemplation requires a real commitment of the active life.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Cost of Discipleship

6th December 2021

What does it truly mean to be a disciple of Jesus? And what might the cost of spending our lives serving Jesus look like? What is the cost of discipleship? The cost of discipleship will include putting Jesus first. You must lay down your life for the Lord. Being a disciple means not fighting for the approval of people. Discipleship can lead to persecution and even death because of your faith.